Tuesday, 23 April 2019

MYOPIA: Emotional and spiritual meaning:

Sight defect that only allows you to see clearly what is close and is unable to focus and perceive distant objects.
If someone has myopia, it means he/she is living with fear of approaching to danger (may be symbolic or real), a danger that the person feels that he/she comes from behind and therefore has to monitor closely, be very present.
"The danger comes from behind and do not know where"
"I must have a good eye"
The danger may be the father, mother, teacher, etc.
It usually affects those people that while trust their future, have the permanent thought that something bad can come to change their happiness and tranquillity, their present, which do enjoy.
"I have to see what's nearby, do not want to see what is far"
"Thinking about the future bothers me"
"I cannot stand that someone dear is gone away"
"I do not see what's coming"
"I flee what could happen"
When myopia, which is usually during adolescence or young adulthood occurs, it may be basically by two facts:
I feel threatened by any circumstance surrounding me.
I do not want to see (accept, tolerate, understand) what is further away.
It is normal for children and young people are afraid to face the real world, to take responsibility, to work, ultimately, to live as adults.
Strong subjectivity and introversion. 
"I do not see beyond his/her own nose"
The myopic sees everything from their point of view and can bother to the opinions of others, when they are different from theirs. 
Usually worry much about himself/herself compared to his/her concern for others, he/she lives wondering if he/she should be more sociable and caring for others, as do others.
The nearsighted can face the immediate reality and everyday life with ease, however, it is difficult to foresee new possibilities, new alternatives, conceive a vision of the future.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Learn to look beyond their noses own. 
Open to new ideas and to the opinions of others even if they are not equal to ours. Learning to see the polarity on all approaches.
Dealing with situations when they arise, setting aside fear of the future.
Develop a healthy distance between oneself and the world. Be benevolent to judge the outside world.
Live feelings different.

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