Friday, 15 February 2019

NECK OF THE UTERUS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The problems in this part of the uterus usually occur almost exclusively in young women.
Conflict of sexual frustration. 
Although the woman has her man, she feels frustrated, either because no sexually requires, not motivated or have other sexual preferences because she does not share.
Sexuality lived as dirty.
The conditions of the cervix come from a negative coexistence with partner, express frustrations emotional and/or sexual, manifest only in those women who feel unwanted and live their sexual relationship as destructive; 
They feel their partners, their way of being, are killing something in it and so the contact becomes a poison. 
This is usually women who live a passionate relationship of "love death" with a partner, instead of only giving love.
Emotional conflict, emotional frustration, by abandonment or separation of the couple.
"I cannot get in touch, I've lost"
"I'm not in touch with the loved one".
"I want to be possessed"
"I do not belong to any man"
Conflict feel dependent on your partner.
Notion of loss of territory.
Reproduction: It is necessary to engage each other with your partner. 
The problems in this body indicate that there are difficulties in the physical contact between the couple, that there is a total surrender.

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