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NOSE disease, Emotional and Metaphysical meaning:

The nose is the organ through which the air enters, which allows us to breathe and perceive smells.
The nose analyzes the air that we inspire and informs us about the pleasant or hostile character of the environment. By smelling, we can feel and perceive beings and situations.
The nose, symbolically represents power (the ability or inability to take the lead in personal or social life), intuition (have business sense, smell a problem from afar, realize that an affair smells bad) personality (the one sample image itself) pride, sexuality, curiosity, inspiration and spirituality.
Nose, smell: As in the case with the ears, the nose also cannot close. 
In the animal world, smell is a crucial sense. 
Smells warn of the presence of dangers (predators, toxic substances, etc.). 
By smell, they are set to be recognized, they discover the identity, belonging to the other (body odour, flavour, etc.), detect the situation of the dam, they recognize the good and bad foods and receive sexual messages (pheromones).
Olfactory conflict:
-Of not wanting to smell. What a bad smell!
-Of pestilence: (be working in a place or with a person whose scent is awful). What a plague!
Nose, mucosa: "I want to get rid of the smell. I no longer take any more his/her smell or his/her presence!
Conflict of anguish:
It is a conflict of fear/apprehension. "It’s smelly, it’s my fault"
Conflict of territory". I smell the danger, the predator" 
"I sense prey, hunting, good hit" 
"I smell ... sniff that  ..."
What are you up to?
Are they talking about me?
Olfactory Paranoia: I hide something, they walk with subterfuge.
onflict of fear/distrust: The danger is ahead or around.
"I want to separate myself from the bad smell, it does not affect me"
"I want to ward off the world around me, I decreased sense of smell"
Right nostril = affectivity.
Left nostril = danger.
Nose bones: Conflict impairment respect to marking my territory. "I was unable, or I did not know how aggression smell reaches my territory"
Deviated septum: My life is built wrong. I desire to join working life with emotion, example: "I wish that everyone loves me in my work”
Nasal polyps: The polyp is a benign tumour that develops in one breast or in the corresponding nostril and having the effect of obstructing more or less completely the affected side. 
The presence of the polyp smell decreases.
Bad odour conflict: "It is possible that it smells so bad”
Something dirty. Perfume I do not like at all.
Nosebleeds, epistaxis: It is understood by all bleeding epistaxis originated in the nostrils. Hidden things related: "I have the feeling that something will happen"
Conflict related to fear of death (having witnessed slaughter an animal). See the blood flow itself, it reassures.
"I want to leave this family”
"I want someone in the family is gone”
Edema and nasal scabs "I want to separate myself from the outside to be at peace"
Rhinitis: Separation of great danger.
It may be a conflict with sexual subject lived outdoors. 
At that time a difficult incident that we did not want to take happened.
It could be when our partner informed us that we have been deceived when our girlfriend told us that our relationship was over, when our partner somehow forced us to have sex in a place that we were in danger of being seen, when our mother told us that our parents were getting divorced, etc.
But although we have repressed within, every year, when plants release their pollen, it becomes to revive our old wound.
Through the different sizes and variations we can know many aspects of the human being.
"Bringing high nose" is a symbol of pride. A person with the "aquiline" nose usually has a very rigorous character and a certain hypocrisy.
A "snub" nose often said that always goes to his/her air.
The long, sharp nose has a tendency to stick their noses everywhere.
A cover nose "warts" reminds us of the image of the witch, an evil and full of danger being.
An alcoholic person will have reddish nose; while a slightly curved nose denotes elegance and a nose "enough" is synonymous with stubbornness, etc.
Runny nose, mucus (breasts): This is an inner cry because we do not value and we would like someone to protect us and help us.
Conflicts of fear.
"Something smells bad to me, this smells fishy to me”.
Runny nose inward: Internal moan by a sense of victimization.
Stuffy nose: We do not appreciate, and accept ourselves as we are.

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