Tuesday, 20 November 2018

PSORIASIS, Spiritual meaning:

Psoriasis manifests itself after a conflict of separation, you may not be in contact with something or someone because of death, separation, divorce, etc. 
The loss of contact, as also happens in the animal kingdom, represents a major conflict for the person who has it.

Behind psoriasis, the individual always hides a great fear to separate from what he/she loves, afraid to change direction, afraid to live apart from that which makes you feel protected.
"I feel attacked in this relationship, attacked, wounded" 
"I feel lonely and need protection" 
"I need to protect myself".

But what kind of protection? 
The role of traditional protection is exercised by the parent or the person representing the paternal function, which in some cases may be the mother. 
“I need you Dad, I do not feel protected anymore, so I protect myself with increasing the thickness of my skin!”

The need for parental protection may be demonstrated when the affected is exposed to sunlight, the improvement is evident. 
It is well known that the Sun, to the collective unconscious, represents the father.

"The more I'm under the sun, the more I am in touch with the protective figure of my father and, therefore, I feel protected"

Similarly, it can cause psoriasis if I, as real or symbolic father, I could not "protect" someone. 
Example: A 10 year old boy, whose father physically abused his mother and develops this symptom when he was admitted to a boarding school, he could not protect his mother.

We can also develop psoriasis when two simultaneous separation conflicts occur because of what we feel unprotected. 
They will always be two different conflicts with each other, but related. 
Or, one of them is a consequence of the other. It always occurs in this way: One of the conflicts assaulted me, that is, forces me to part with something against my will. 
The other conflict makes me live a painful separation and a new life. 
One of those two emotional conflicts is latent, active, and present in my daily life because I have not been able to overcome it. I still suffer. 
The other conflict is no longer is in the healing phase. I lived and suffered it, but somehow I'm over it, I understood, assimilated and released it.

On one hand, I am physically separated from my father, mother, family, friends and, on the other hand, I am separate from myself, my principles, and my identity. 
Example: A teenager moves to study in another country (physical separation) where they have other customs, another way of seeing life, that does not match what he/she feels (if separation).

Psoriasis represents itself that have ceased to be in contact with something or someone because of a conflict. 
And that such separation is very painful.

Psoriasis is like a dry shell that masks a secret desire to be loved and cherished. It usually manifests itself in hypersensitive individuals (skin-sensitive) that need love from others but that, paradoxically, are afraid to contact and protected. 
Consequently, they need to toughen up, to get inside a shell that isolates him/her from the outside, which protects you from injury, but also prevents access to affection, love and tenderness.

This person is in a situation of emotional loneliness, and may even suffer an identity problem because they do not feel recognized for what it is. 
He/she finds it difficult to accept who she is in this life. 
So it seems you want to renew your skin, because it does not feel good in it (separation conflict itself).

"I try to protect myself and the best way is to separate from me, being someone else"

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  1. Soooo true. My mother never loved me and I am separate from her from my childhood. Makes soo much sense now for my suffering with psoriasis

  2. Not having my father in my life and having psoriasis for just about my whole life, makes me think, there is some validity to this article.

  3. I have folliculitis on my arms, worse on my right arm, shoulders, back, legs, and I'm having a hard time getting rid of this skin infection. I've been separated from my children against my will, so separation issues does make sense. Even more interesting two of my children have developed warts, last summer my oldest who was 11 had warts on the soles of his feet when he came to visit. I got some medicine and treated it and it resolved. My middle son just showed me he has a wart on his hand, on my palm under the thumb. He wanted to visit me this summer but he couldn't tell his dad for fear of causing conflict in the home.

    1. Hi, sorry for my level of English. I will try to explain the meaning of your children's symptoms.
      The soles of the feet mean the mother biologically (real or symbolically). The palm of the hand, represents the father.
      All skin symptoms represent contact / separation conflicts.
      You can read the warts and acne section on my website.

  4. So amazingly insightful - your page has been a revelation. I have bought your book (with some difficulty). It would be much appreciated by those who cannot buy the book for whatever reason if you gave some suggestions for healing. Peace and love.