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UTERINE DISEASES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The uterus is a hollow muscular organ, its inner wall is lined with a spongy tissue whose mission is to contain the fertilized egg during pregnancy and expel the baby during childbirth.
There are two parts in it: At the top, the body, which leads the tubes; and at the bottom, the neck, facing the vagina.
The uterus is the seat of creativity and fertility. 
It is the first place that the future baby inhabits, that receives it and makes it grow, in which the mother carries the child.
Therefore, the child symbolizes the womb, gestation, the ability to have children; also the nest, the house, the family; the couple, the ability to find romance and sexuality, since this function is one of the strongest in nature.
Uterus: body mucosa (endometrium). It has its correspondence with the prostate in men. 
“Unusual family".
The biological function of the endometrium from conception to the end of labour, therefore, conflicts that affect this part of the uterus ranging from sexual problems such as:
-Sexual Conflict (during the event) is considered dirty, out of the ordinary.
-Loss Conflict (child or parent).
-Family Conflict (impossible nesting).
-Conflict of the grandparents related to their grandchildren.
-Loss conflict, particularly in grandmother/grandchildren relationships or similar (godchildren, neighbours, children, etc.)
-Grandmother conflict, who does not accept anything regarding grandchildren, for example, misbehaving with her partner, certain sexual behaviour, etc.
Uterus: smooth muscles.
In this part of the uterus (myometrium) are affected by conflicts of impairment for not being able to get pregnant, have a child or the desired family. 
"The son I never will" 
"I'm not able to bring a child into the world!" (After an abortion, induced or spontaneous, stillbirth, etc). 
I desire for an ideal pregnancy.
Uterine fibroid: Impotence, devaluation: "I am not able to find a partner".
Conflict of cannot, must not reach the consummation of the sexual act.
The fibroid in the uterus can express "the house is occupied"
It may be because you do not see in your partner the perfect one to be the father of their children or because she has been abandoned by her partner and she is always at home to indicate that she is not looking for another man, she does not want to become pregnant with another man. 
Therefore a fibroid has a contraceptive function. 
Or because the woman just had an abortion or simply because they want to have children, your unconscious orders that it is not the time to get pregnant.
Fibroid size indicates when the conflict began. 
If the fibroid measures 2cm, you must look for the origin of the conflict two years ago.
"There is a void in the house and I fill it" "I want to have a child but I cannot”
"I must not become pregnant by now" "I must not get pregnant, this man is not the ideal partner for the father of my children"
Fibroids: A benign tumour composed of fibrous tissue, which often develops in the region of the uterus. 
The difference between having a fibroid or cancer depends on the intensity with which we have lived through the conflict. The higher the intensity, severity.
It indicates that there is resentment against the couple. 
After having suffered a setback as a woman appears. 
The fibroma may represent the bitterness and anger that you feel with your partner because you think you are using him sexually.
It also expresses regret for an unfulfilled desire to have a child, or having lost one (abortion, death, etc.) so the fibroid is a symbol of your frustrated creativity.
The uterus also symbolizes home. 
A fibroid is sometimes the confirmation of a penalty on the home, home, maintained or retained for a long time.
What happens in your home? Have you been powerless to defend your home?
Do you have the feeling that something comes to an end? 
Do you feel that you failed in your idea of ​​what should be a home, either by the absence of a partner, or perhaps have noticed that your partner is not like you thought he was?
The fibroma may indicate sexual or emotional problems resulting from the loss of a fetus.
The difference between having a fibroid or cancer depends on the intensity with which we have lived through the conflict. The higher the intensity, severity.
Diseases of the uterus may also manifest a frustrated desire to have children; or maybe we can talk about a sense of guilt for not having created a good and warm home for loved ones.
Cancer of the uterine body speaks of a very deep emotional problem, resentment and guilt of a relative with home or the children. 
Similarly, it may indicate a devaluation conflict not to get pregnant. 
You can also translate a deep aversion to sexual intercourse.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
How do you feel about being a woman? About having children or not? 
Have you suffered a deep sense of shame or guilt, or perhaps betrayal?
How is your life going? 
How do you feel your home? 
Is it hard to accept your partner?
Does your partner find you attractive as a woman?

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