Monday, 12 November 2018

ACID REFLUX OR HEARTBURN: Emotional and spiritual meaning:

A heartburn is a sign that something, a situation, an event, a person burns us, acidifies, infuriates us.
Behind excessive acid production is hidden a feeling of fear, tension control in the material world. It is a fact occurred recently. 
We are concerned about any family, professional, financial or judicial problem and do not stop mulling obsessively. 
The situation seems irritating, unfair and we feel impotence, "a knot in my stomach".
"I am invaded by all those around me. 
The exterior is bitter, attacks me and puts me in danger".
"I have not known how to refuse a structure imposed on me by the exterior, and now it coexists totally".
Gastric Reflux: In the case of hiatal hernia, a portion of the tissue of the stomach protrudes into the chest and food to reach the sphincter, and it does not close, therefore, all gastric acid backs up and burn. 
Emotionally, it happens that I have opened that step to "let more food in" (This is symbolic, because it refers to more emotional food).
I'm in a terrible feeling "lacking" and have the "door opened" to receive more. Dissatisfaction.
"I do not have something very important, I am opened to receive more”
"I want more love, need more love".
"I want more emotional nutritious food".
"I'm at a dead end and I want out".
I live with fear. I am scared. Live threatened by my own fears.
In life we must face many conflicting situations, many challenges that test us at any time.
If we do not want to swallow and digest what life puts us on our way because we lack trust and confidence in ourselves to solve it, we become pessimistic and bitter.
If we are not able to channel our bad mood into a "healthy" way and we swallow, our stomach is forced to increase the acidic gastric juice to digest our own aggressiveness. 
In short, a heartburn is a way to attack ourselves from our stomach for fear to digest our problems or situations that we are not satisfied, ultimately, the new impressions that life gives us.
Lack of acid in the stomach: Disgruntled by the outside, being devoured.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
When such a situation happens to me, I can ask: "What is what burns me or makes me angry? What is what I do not like and cannot digest"?
The person suffering from a heartburn needs to learn to incorporate, to accept the reality of life. 
It has to assume that failures are great teachers who show us the results we have achieved and we are taught to improve a next time; this way confidence will increase and we will be willing to accept criticism without corroding ourselves.
These people need to learn to be aware of what they do, consciously live the present and thus the fear of failure, criticism and insecurity disappear on their own.

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  1. Beautiful de scription of the emotional cause. Yes, that is the real acid producer. Thank you for taking time to write this. You give a concise explaination which many may never consider being able to admit, I respect the eloquent display of courage in your delivery. The more general the cause the more we have in common. Similatities.Great ful!��

  2. I'm so grateful for this website. I've been here many times before for various health issues. It always gives me lots of useful insights.


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  4. I am suffering from severe acid reflux for almost a year. it has totally ruined every aspect of my life including my career.

    Reading this article has empowered me to search my soul and identity what really is bothering my peace.

    Thank you for this wonderful message.

  5. I have been suffering from severe acid reflux for almost a year although in previous years my condition was mild.

    This article is so powerful and has encouraged me to search within my soul and identify a possible root cause of problem.

    Thank you so much for this message.

  6. Thank you so much . I admit it makes so much sense . Very much appreciated 🙏🏼❤