Tuesday, 13 November 2018

ANEMIA, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

At the biological level, iron is involved in the formation of haemoglobin and its main function is to carry oxygen from the respiratory organs to all other organs and tissues of the body. 
Oxygen is related to life/oxygen and death/ absence of oxygen.
The sense of anaemia is to preponderate the survival of the clan or my offspring above my own. I must leave the resources of life for another to take advantage of them.
If I have anaemia, it means that I feel devalued with respect to what was my reason to live. 
I no longer feel encouragement for life or do not feel that spirit with respect to what is happening in my life.
Devaluation of what makes us live, what carries life. Devaluation within the family:
"I have the feeling of being a nuisance, I do not want to bother my family, and I have to live as little as possible".
It may also be that a family is very serious, possibly with breathing problems, and unconsciously wants to give oxygen to recover.
Who do you want to unwittingly give oxygen to save his/her life?
Anaemia, iron deficiency: If I file anaemia, it means that I do not receive enough affection from my father or my mother. 
Calcium (paternal function) + Magnesium (maternal function) or I do not feel a good mother or a good father.
They may love me, but I do not feel loved. Maybe I need them to hug me, be told that I am loved, and need emotional strength. 
I need them to tell me I'm a good parent, not devaluing me because my inability to be it.
Toxic family environment.
"My family drowns me, does not support me"
"I need help in my role as a mother"
Anaemia expresses the exhaustion of the person, either by using too much energy to act without allowing time for recovery (regeneration of red blood cells); or it may be that the individual has done many things for a while but has not picked any fruit or obtained any results yet.
As a result, a feeling of powerlessness seizes him/her, not power, not worth enough and not being able to operate things, which further reduces their capacity and makes him/her fall into a fatalistic attitude, giving up,
"Meh ... what for?”
Anaemia expresses that the individual goes back because does not find the emotional meaning of life and action.
Anaemia occurs in people with lack of self-confidence, lack of courage and joy, to face life. 
This is usually occurs in sweet-natured and dreamer individuals and, therefore, they have great difficulty in surrendering to the concrete physical reality. 
They lack motivation, either because they feel discouraged or because they feel misunderstood, or perhaps by his/her own angst.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The person with anaemia needs to stop relying on others and start creating his/her own life from a positive and cheerful outlook. 
He/she needs to do what it needs to be done, but without thinking about the results, just enjoying what he/she is doing, without expecting anything. 
We must learn to trust and surrender to the rhythm of life. 
The person who refuses to accept what life puts in his/her way is denying life and is seeking death, rhythm; even unconsciously.
"I can be happy without the recognition of others"
"I take my life as I want"
"I love life and I love myself"

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