Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The big TOE (thumb), Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The toes grip the ground to move forward. They symbolize our roots that hold us to the earth, they feed and give us stability.
Each finger represents a particular detail, an area of ​​life and the consequences of our attitude in relationships.
Problems on the toes indicate that we are not fed, satisfied and fulfilled with our experiences with our position.
The big toe (thumb): The base of support, the breakthrough in relations.
The big toe represents the obligation to the mother: The obligation that I feel for my mother or "I as a mother, I force myself to..”.
The way my mother forced me to do certain things.
"My mother makes me..”
"If I do this, my mother is going to be upset"
"If I do this, my mother is going to be offended"
Deviation from this finger to the other finger crossing them above or below (hallux valgus, or bunion) means that the person has difficulty "take his/her place" in life, because he/she thinks he/she has to cater to the wishes and expectations of others .
"I am forced to deal with someone of my brothers"
The thumb passes over the other: "I act because I'm the oldest" "I must take care of my little brothers"
The thumb passes under: "Being the youngest, I must look after the others"
The two affected fingers difficulty finding their way, address.
It can also indicate: "I would have wanted to leave, but I have not been able".


  1. I have had several injuries to my left side in the last 2 months. A finger infection under the left index finger. An ingrown toenail in left big toe. And very painful bit of something in my left eye which I received energy work to remove. But still twinges occasionally 2 months later. Each incident prevented me from working for 1-3 days. Do you have any information to account for these coincidences? Thank you! Scott

    1. Hello SCOTT, it is necessary to know if you are right-handed or left-handed.
      Index finger, Index: My authority and my independence. It is the finger that shows authority, the one that orders and directs. The index is used to point out, accuse, scold, give orders or to try to make someone understand something, it shows “who knows”. It also expresses to us the way I submit to the orders of others, my way of obeying, my judgments and the way I accuse others.
      It is the finger of our "Ego", we use it to show our convictions, our point of view and also to issue a criticism.
      "I must justify myself in my role."
      This finger marks our strength, our character and our power of decision.
      When we suffer some damage it can indicate that we have had some problem with authority or, with what authority means to us. Perhaps we have lost our leadership, perhaps someone has subdued us, or our independence and security are shaking. We are experiencing something that causes us fear. Someone is misjudging us.
      It can also manifest our difficulty to say things, to affirm our point of view. They may express the fear of being criticized or judged or to issue a criticism for lack of confidence, or for fear of the other or "what will they say".
      It can also indicate that we are abusing a certain authoritarianism in our task or in our efforts to lead others or that our authoritarian tendency has been counteracted, or that we feel pointed out by who represents the authority.
      Father's authority. Notion of control.
      It is connected with the sense of smell.
      The big toe (thumb): It is the base of support, of progress in relationships.
      The big toe represents the obligation to the mother: The obligation that I feel towards my mother or "as a mother, I force myself to ...".
      The way my mother forces me to do certain things.
      "My mother forces me to ..."
      "If I don't do this, my mother gets upset."
      "If I do this, my mother is offended."
      The deviation of this finger towards the other fingers crossing them above or below (hallux valgus or bunion) means that the person has difficulty "taking their place" in life, because they believe they are obliged to respond to the wishes and expectations of others .
      "I am forced to take care of someone, my brothers."
      The thumb goes over the others: "I must act because I am the oldest." "I must take care of my little brothers."
      The thumb goes underneath: "Being the little one, I have to take care of the others."
      The two affected fingers: difficulties in finding their way, their direction.
      It can also indicate: "I would have liked to leave, but I have not been able."
      Ingrown toenail: A nail fragment that digs into the flesh due to lateral growth.
      It is unconsciously about making more "claws" (weapons) to better defend ourselves.
      Conflict of protection and direction.
      Manifests a conflict related to the right to advance in life. I have no right to advance. We feel guilty, because on the one hand, we know and feel that we should do things and on the other, we feel that it is wrong that we do that or do it in such a way.
      "Feeling guilty because our progress bothers or worries those around us."
      "Feeling guilty for wanting to be the best or go further."
      Forbidden aggressiveness: "I do not allow myself to be aggressive, I turn my aggressiveness against me." The person cannot defend himself or attack. I need weapons to protect myself.
      Hands: Work, or direct conflict.
      Feet: Mother, family or archaic conflict. I keep everything with me, I cannot oppose my mother, I need weapons to defend myself against my mother.
      If there is infection, conflict of something dirty.
      On the left foot (or right for lefties) it would be related to the father.
      We have every right in the world to choose our own path in life. We have to be happy with our decisions.

    2. Sorry if there is any translation mistake, I have translated it with google. Thank you.