Wednesday, 1 February 2017

THE LITTLE FINGER, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The little finger: Secrets. This finger is reflected in family secrets and lies. 
All these facts and events that have been hidden in the family, because of "what people say". 
It represents the dirty side of the family. 
The hypocritical side, surface, appearance and pretense of the family. It is related to the sense of hearing and what we hear, actually or symbolically.
When we suffer some damage on this finger, it may mean that someone in the family hides a secret to us or lied to us and vice versa, that the person has hidden a secret or lied to us.
People with this finger show a tendency to pretend, to not be shown as they are, since they are bothered what others think of them. 
It also reflects our intuition, so if we harm this finger, surely our intuition failed and we feel betrayed.

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