Tuesday, 27 November 2018

VEINS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Blood (family, clan) passes through the veins on its way back; once shared our love, it returns to the heart (house) with the love it has received from our environment.
Venous problems indicate that we find it difficult to accept or receive life, love and joy and allow a space within.
It can also mean that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict related to not being able to accept, manage, face, any family situation. 
"I am not able to carry this cross" 
"I have to clean the dirty blood of the family"
Necrosis in the veins: It mainly affects the legs and speaks of a devaluation itself, a devaluation that we perceive in ourselves.
Conflict of having "tied legs", "eggshells".
We have the feeling that "something" or "someone" binds us, we do not want or wouldn’t like to do; it is treated as an impediment to do something or we stop. We are as "trapped in a situation"
- Women who want a fulfilling professional life and an unexpected pregnancy prevents it.
- Women who want to work, but when she married, her husband opposes her.
- Men who want to travel to study, but his family is not allowed.
Conflict of not being able to go home for something ugly to expect. "I cannot go home, the center of familiar territory"
In the peripheral veins, we must add a conflict of abandonment.
The legs are a reflection of our mobility in life, in our relationships. We express that we are disappointed because we have involved a lot in life, in the family and we feel dissatisfied because we have received very little in proportion to what we have given. 
There is a lack of return of life, family, etc.
We are upset and tired, because what we have lived seems bleak, without passion or joy.
We have a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of not knowing how to live our desires and our desire for happiness.

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