This book can be of great value for those who want to take the path of responsibility in their lives, who want to take the first step toward freedom and self knowledge, using the topic of disease in humans as a guide. Its purpose is to help the sick person to find health status, based primarily on what happens within us. Because even if we can find help abroad (psychologists, doctors, gurus, etc.) the only ones who are able to heal us are ourselves. A book dedicated to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The little toe (pinkie), emotional and metaphysical meaning:

When we suffer some damage on this finger, means that our way of establishing relations does not satisfy us and we want to change old habits and replace them with new ones.
They also indicate conflict of "territory" in relation to the side, I get angry with ourselves, guilt.
"Sharing my room is uncomfortable"
"I hate myself for the way I have to express myself"
"It hurt so I said my wife"
"I feel bad about the way I said it to my brother".

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