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SCOLIOSIS, spiritual and metaphysical meaning:

It is a deviation from the curved backbone resulting in an "S" or "C", often located at the spine. It can affect from a newborn to an adult.

The lateral twisting of the spine shows an unconscious deviation between the masculine and feminine poles, which is, between the father and mother, who are the two essential references having the child. 
The direction which the column deviates shows the direction of the loss of the affected.
The person who has scoliosis has long suffered a strong devaluation by a close person. 
This lack of support and approval comes from their parents and most times by his/her father or the person he is represented.
"I can only lean on one of my parents. 
One pulls me up and the other pulls me down"
It can also be my brother or sister who spends his/her life teasing me or making me feel less and less. 
It is rare but it also happens that I am receiving the devaluation from a side (cousin, friend, school mate, work, neighbour, etc.)
The spine is the pillar of the human being, represents our strength, our support, so presenting a deviation in the column means that someone in my immediate environment is destroying me, little by little, self-esteem and security. 
This devaluation, necessarily implies that I live with a permanent fear of being judged, criticized, and disqualified. 
I am afraid of making decisions, to live in fear, and of course, feel resentment or hatred towards that person that devalues ​​me and only wants me to get away from him or her.
"I cannot make a decision" 
"I'm not good enough to...” 
"I'm not worth enough to...” 
"I always seem to do worse than others" 
"I am losing in all comparisons" 
"This person does not like me, never loved me, she hates me"
It can also manifest in children who realize that they have grown and they can no longer receive all the attention from their parents, as they were when "smaller". 
Above all, especially if they have a younger brother and now he was attracted all the love of their parents. 
"They clearly prefer my brother or sister"
This manifests despite twisting his/her back, bending sideways, and preventing keep growing up and so try to be more "short" and smaller.
"I have no right to outdo the other”
Given this dynamic the child is forced to be eclipsed before his/her brother or sister.
In girls, scoliosis can express an imaginary fear of being judged by men to be women.
People with scoliosis usually have had to mature a lot sooner than a normal child. 
He/she has been charged responsibilities that do not belong at such a young age. 
Therefore, unconsciously they intuit that "on his/her shoulders" there are loads that do not belong. 
And basically they want to run away from them.
"I deserve more attention, love and care”
Only the "garbage children" present scoliosis. 
We need to pay attention to that fact, both the project and the transgenerational sense. 
They are children born to receive and fix the "dirt" of the family, its faults, and its secrets. 
From very young they are ignored, no care or fed as it should be. 
These children are often born in families that lack a structure based on love.
It should be noted the affected vertebrae and the corresponding ribs associate to see if the conflict is with the father, siblings or even children.
Keep in mind that in many cases of scoliosis, there is a family history in which other members may have suffered the same conflicts afflicting the child now. 
Example: jealousy suffered by a brother about his sister, it represents jealousy he felt toward his father and his older sister, the one preferred by their parents. 
In all cases, therapy should involve the whole family and the individual recognition of each individual.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Free and rise to full height. 
I love and approve myself. 
My life is better every day.

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  1. This is so relatable, i can't believe how accurate it is! I'm so glad i found this enlightening article. Thank you.

  2. I can't believe how acurated this article is compared to my life

  3. Sadly but this article reminded me my painful past . Thank youuuu.....what now?

  4. Was hard to read but thank you very much

  5. Wow. This has hit home. Throughout some really super rough times my body developed scoliosis, I never knew I had it until an adult after those times subsided- this fills article fills my heart.

  6. This is far too relatable, I’m actually crying. Damn.

  7. This is literally spot on I am now 20 finding this out just from a thought I looked up on google glad I found this information if anybody has info on the ribs and how it contributes please email me

    1. Hello, on this website you can find information about the ribs. Regards

  8. Very accurate and to the point. I was definitely "THE GARBAGE CHILD" expected to fix the family. Thank God I released that title in 2007 when my Mother died. When she died I buried the Garbage Child

    1. Congratulations. Good personal work. A hug

  9. thank you!! i am a brazilian girl and i also have scoliosis... i your article was very helpful to me

  10. But which bent side represents the mother and which the father? I had my upper spine bent to the right, but that part could get fixed with physiotherapy, my lower spine on the other side is bent to the left and hasn't recovered...

    1. Hi, if you are right-handed, the right represents the mother and the left, the father.
      If you are left-handed, the other way around.

    2. I'm right handed...that means I still got issues with my father right? :(

    3. Yes, maybe it could be with the father figure, with the authority. It is necessary to observe the affected vertebrae and associate them with the corresponding ribs, to know if the conflict is with the father, mother, siblings, cousins or even children.
      The most important thing is to know that it is a devaluation on the part of a close person.
      It is your responsibility to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.

    4. In the metaphysical ir spiritual teaching left is feminine and right is masculine, left for spiritual and right for physical, I hope this helps ❤️

    5. Hi, Camille, I think it's a bit more complicated than what you say, you have to see it from several perspectives. I invite you to read the post:

  11. I was grown up in a narcissistic family and reading everyone's comments it looks like they all have been as well where they have been the scapegoat. Its very painful being in this situation. Having a health issue is more than enough having a family issue on top just makes your life like hell.

  12. I am going through a spiritual awakening..suddenly i felt the call to look up if my bend in the spine has something to do with a spiritual background...yes here it is!!

    This doesnt have any deformities on me physically only an xray report shows the fact.