Monday, 8 April 2019

BONE diseases, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The bones are part of a whole and represent our internal structures, our beliefs in life.
It is what we have higher hardness and strength, deep and is the mainstay of our body, which is supported everything.
The bones tell us of our strength of conviction and confidence in ourselves. 
Through them we express our density, the weight we have in life.
Problems can occur in bones in a person who believes he/she lacks the courage to deal with his/her own life.
Or the individual who feels forced to support others because he/she needs that they depend on him/her, in order to feel useful.
Thus they manifest a serious conflict of devaluation of himself/herself: 
"I am nothing" 
"At the bottom of myself I am worthless"
"I am pained to the core"
Fractures: They are the result of all disrespect towards ourselves during our daily lives.
A bone fracture can also occur in the person who is afraid of the authority and devalues ​​before it. 
Reacting to rebel attempts to become overbearing or dominant.
The part of the body where the fracture-legs, arms, etc. occurs gives us a more concrete and accurate information about the area of ​​our life where devaluation conflict is information.
Bone cancer speaks of a deep sense of worthlessness, helplessness, lack of confidence. Translates grave lack of respect for yourself. 
The identity has been affected, 
"I am completely null".
A sudden loss of self-worth can be initiated by an unfair observation, being degraded by being "weakened to the bone" or for failing at work, in sports, etc. or when we feel unsupported.
In bone, the lack of support is key, such as sarcoma. 
If the sarcoma or metastasis occurs in the bone, the conflict is related to family (mainly collateral blood brothers) if the bone devaluation concerns me. 
Cancer always is a long-lasting conflict and cross out vital.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
People with bone problems need to be aware that we always have within us, everything we need to create our own stability without relying on others.
You need to believe more in yourself and learn to value yourself for what you are and not by the results of what you do for others.
Flexibility, flexibility! 
The fracture indicates the "break" with a situation and the beginning of another.
Where was it ossified?
Which aspect do I need more freedom of movement in?

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