Thursday, 26 September 2019

FLUID RETENTION, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is an accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces.
It can indicate a devaluation conflict accompanied by a state of fear and insecurity in relation to life.
Fluid retention, as the term itself indicates, is due to an excessive desire to "retain", that is, to keep something that must be released and because of fear, resentment, or some other visceral emotion we cannot or do not want to let go.
What am I afraid of losing?
When dealing with the mobilization of fluids, it is closely related to the kidney, which is linked to the "referents", particularly the loss of these referents; our mother especially, since liquids symbolically, remind us of her. What we want to retain is the love and protection of our mother.
There may be an existential fear of abandonment, of being alone and of the risk of having to face the dangers that may arise alone.
In the same way, you can express that I feel afraid to leave or that I do not want to leave someone. In both cases, the unconscious experiences it as fear of abandonment.
In other cases, fluid retention manifests itself after the disappearance of a family member, who was our main support. It can happen after the death of a loved one who “was everything” to us and now we are without references. 
Or it may happen that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced to change city, country, etc. and we have lost security, we are not rooted in life. "I feel like a fish out of water, I'm not in my element"
What do I do here? I don't feel happy living in this house, city, I don't like the work I'm doing, I'm not happy in my marriage, etc.
I feel uprooted, I moved away from my roots, my culture, my people, and I don't know what I'm doing here, when in reality, I would like to be there.
"I feel like I'm running away, from here to there", "I can't find my place in life", "Life is a constant struggle"
Symbolically it is very common for this symptom to also arise when there is a shortage (money) or little economic circulation, since the unconscious relates this to the person's “liquidity” and shows us the fear and worry or excessive stress that this circumstance, real or symbolic, it causes him. "I want to retain, I do not want to let go"
The retention of liquid is linked to the image, to the aesthetics of the person, to a loss of it. I never took care of myself, I lost my youth taking care of the house, my children and my family, I have wasted time, while I could have worked and fulfilled myself as a woman. 
After this hard life that I have led, I have lost the will to live.
"I need love, but I don't trust anyone and I only count on myself"
If the retention is located in the ankles or feet, it is because the affected person is in a situation in which he does not know what to decide, he doubts what attitude to adopt given the lack of clarity in the positions taken by others. 
The conflict is related to the mother and to a direction that I want or not to take, the path that I want to follow, or with wanting to "change course" and the difficulties we may have because our mother opposes or criticizes our decisions and we feel guilty.

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