Saturday, 17 November 2018

ARTICULATIONS OR JOINTS: Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Joints serve to make moves, to make gestures in general. 
They represent the flexibility to act, to change course, to accept a change.
People with joint problems, are living or have lived a situation of "change" that they refuse to accept. 
Almost always it is a conflict of vulnerability related to the affected body part. 
If a person is unable to adapt, unable to understand, to evolve, to improve, so it is surely inadvertently damaging their joints.
"I resist, I feel unprotected against the changes".
"I'm afraid of changes".
"If anything changes I die".
Devaluation conflict of self, linked to the movement, typical of the location of cartilage tissue.
"I do not appreciate anything because everyone criticizes me for my movements".
"My way to move is not the most elegant in the world".
Devaluation about the gesture: Which is the gesture that I cannot perform? 
"I want my gestures to be smooth and fluid".
Devaluation conflict-related activity, sport or skill.
Lack of respect for yourself.
Conflict of "disarticulation" in the family. 
"There is a slurring between my parents, among my brothers or among other people I love, so I suffer for it".
Pains in the joints can also occur in presumptuous individuals, who want to go too far and never want to bend. 
They have lost respect for life.
Synovial effusion: When this symptom manifests means that there is a change we are not accepting a new project we do not want to start or do not want to do, a path we do not want to take, etc.
Unconsciously we are "making" more lubricant to be "more flexible", because whatever the activity is, we do not want to do it, and we feel unprotected. 
"I want to be more acceptable". 
"I would like a little more sweetness in my submission, please"
"I agree to submit, but sweetly"
Knee: "I refuse to submit"
"I submit myself too much"
Wrist: "It's hard work"
"I do not like this work I do"
"I do everything"
Elbow: "I refuse to lose"
"I must win as usual"
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Mobility, spontaneity, flexibility are qualities inherent in the joints. We must accept change, adapt to the changes, accept new workloads and new projects with joy and stop suffering.
Everything is in constant motion. These people need to learn to act according to the circumstances governing the present moment. 
They need to learn to feel the force that binds them to life. 
We all breathe the same air. 
We all have the desire to love and be loved, we are all united with everything around us.
Loneliness is not real. 
Only product of our rigid and stubborn thoughts that keep us all feel.

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