Thursday, 22 November 2018

COLD OR CATARRH, Emotional and metaphysical meaning

It is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa
It is manifested by nasal obstruction, sneezing with acute or have irritated nose runny nose and watery eyes.
Cold expresses a difficulty of social adaptation, it manifests itself most often in times in which we live with people more closely, that is, at those seasons where people are more at home. 
It is young professionals, brief and violent, repetitive, most often expressed in the form of disputes and generally linked to the territory, conflicts of threats by family conflicts or territory.
There is something that displeases me much or have a tense relationship with someone.
"There is menace in the air” "Smelly around here”
The cold is the means by which we release a great deal of sadness that we have accumulated in us. 
It may appear after having suffered some disappointment or as a result of repentance for not having said or done something. 
Or after an experience in which our feelings have been hurt and have felt heat and lack of support.
"I want to be separated from the smell to rediscover the touch with myself”
It can also manifest a cold when there is too much activity on the mental plane and we feel confused, worried, not knowing where to start. 
We are tired, "sick to death" of a situation, of ourselves, of others, etc.
"Something upsets me a lot, or someone, I'm cold”
There are also other causes based on popular beliefs that can lead to a cold, for example, believe that occurred after a 'cooling' or put ourselves in an "airstream" 
We will catch a cold; we believe that we can "catch a cold from someone else"; or we believe in the "three colds every winter", etc.
This is manifested only in those who think so. 
The more widespread is a belief, the greater its influence on society.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The cold is the perfect reason unconsciously provoke, to escape a situation (conflict) that overwhelms us, but we are unwilling to acknowledge and express.
However, if our nose is blocked, if we cry eyes, if we cannot hardly speak for the sore throat or for a cough and even our sneezes become the best weapon, "do not go near that I'm cold," it allows us to achieve our goal of away from the annoying situation without conflict and also with benevolence and understanding around the world. Now we can focus a little more on us.
The cold is considered by naturopathy as a crisis of detoxification of the body. 
Through it the physical toxins (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, medications, etc.) or mental (emotional problems) are removed and the body and soul are freed from the substances that intoxicate.
The education we receive is that we must be prepared to face the conflicts that we face our relationships, accepting that project onto others who reject so that we can see, recognize and integrate within us.

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