Wednesday, 22 April 2020

TONSILS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

They are like sentries guarding the gates of the throat; 
They are part of the lymphatic system and therefore are organs of defence for the body, control what goes in, to determine if what comes is good or bad for us (here is included the notion of "piece, morsel" which may be real or symbolic).
The conflict related to the tonsils, like all cells of the lymphatic system is more anguish devaluation.
Related conflicts: Not to catch or swallow the "bite". Understanding "bite" as something we are sure that we will get (house, car, land, etc.) and we are removed from it at the last moment.
We should note that this purpose not only refers to the material plane. 
It can also be a symbolic "bite" we thought we had caught, for example, a trip, a promotion, a prize, a trip, a raise, etc.
Afraid of not having the whole piece. (Example: a man doing overtime at work to go on holiday with his/her family, but is not sure if it will get enough money to carry it out)
I hope I get it, but it can escape.
-Lock the piece in the throat so we would not remove it.
I'll finish catching piece, but it can escape.
I want to get something and I cannot.
I've swallowed a bite that does not suit me.
No catch the emotional bite.
In infants, anguish for not being able to catch milk, mother, security:
"My mother, her nipple, escapes from me, I cannot catch my mother”
In children: when struggling in school or at home, getting good grades or having a good behaviour to catch the affection of his/her parents but just cannot.
In teenagers: "Unable to catch the love of his/her parents, a friend or a partner"
"I would go out with M... but she likes J..., I cannot catch her".
In adults: It is related to my repressed fear, anger, emotions and creativity, because they do not allow me to be "myself". 
I am not getting my "emotional bite"
Right tonsil: Words I want to say but I cannot because I “swallow” them.
Desires to catch something.
Left tonsil: Words that I have said but I did not want to say, I regret what I said.
Wanting to spit something.
"I already had and later I have been taken away" 
"I do not get a piece swallowed" 
"I've swallowed something that does not suit me"
Similarly, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) express anger and frustration caused by something that is happening to us and we cannot swallow. 
What situation or person can’t “swallow" at this time? 
Most of the time is related to any member of the family or professional environment.
We should learn to defend ourselves, to affirm what we are and fight for what we want.

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