Tuesday, 4 December 2018

HAEMORRHAGES, emotional and spiritual meaning>

Conflict of family disunity. 
We open the doors for the disintegration in relation to... (We must take into account the affected part and its meaning).
Hemorrhage in the digestive tract: In relation to a sludge that we cannot digest related to the family.
Haemorrhage in the bronchi: Something distresses and chokes me. 
"They prevent me from breathing in this family"
Hemorrhage on the genitals: Someone invades my sexual level. 
"They prevent me from living my sexuality"
Hemorrhage in the rectum: 
"They prevent me from being myself".
Nosebleeds, epistaxis: It is understood by all bleeding epistaxis originated in the nostrils. 
Hidden things related: 
"I have the feeling that something will happen"
Conflict related to fear of death (having witnessed slaughter an animal). 
See the blood flow itself, it reassures.
"I want to leave this family”
"I want someone in the family is gone”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health: 
A hemorrhage tells us that we must review our perception of life, from the meaning of the affected organ. 
We are taking life too seriously and should relax and enjoy ourselves. 

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