Tuesday, 25 December 2018

LEG disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It extends between the knee and the ankle.
They are the ones that lead us day after day touring life, our whole life rests on the legs. 
They are what allow us to move, move, move forward or backward, going from one place to another, progress; and they are also approaches that allow us to go into the encounter with others.
Legs perfectly reflect our behaviour, the way that we used, both physically and emotionally.
When problems arise in the legs it tells us that we are having difficulties in our relationship with the world or with others. 
Perhaps we can no longer bear a particular situation or we feel unable to move. 
Well because we have the impression of not having the necessary means to carry out what we want, or perhaps because we feel limited or prevented in action, either by ourselves or by someone else.
Weak legs tell us about a person who sees them and wants them to support him/her, having difficulty staying on his/her legs, to be independent and walk continually seeking the support of others.
A massive, muscular legs are symptoms of an arrogant and rigid personality, it costs you much change or any activity spontaneously unstructured.
A fat and undeveloped leg points us to someone unable to move in the world, go through life dragging their feet or on eggshells, because he/she has great difficulty to advance, to make decisions.
The sinewy legs, which are thin but strong, belong to individuals who are always in motion, cannot sit still, have trouble relating and rooting.
Heavy or tired legs: They express the feeling of heavy load that means for us to do certain things. 
"Carrying a heavy burden” 
"This work seems very heavy” 
"My life is very heavy” 
"How hard is my work!" 
"How hard is going to school to pick up my grandchildren”
Legs tell us about our relationship with work:
"Going to work is so hard for me"
Legs, fluid retention: "I do not take care of myself and I lose time”
Cramps in the calves we express clearly what we are tense and irritated to see ourselves forced to take a direction contrary to the desire itself. Conflict of being hyper-competent.
Tibia: The tibia is related to growth and emancipation.
It represents my growth from child to adult, my emancipation, out to study, to work, to do what I like.
Devaluation conflict: difficulty to emancipate, to be oneself.
Usually affected by conflicts with the mother need your permission, your approval, to prevent my being myself.
Sometimes the mother to the subconscious can be our partner.
Shin: It represents my lifestyle, what I love doing. 
If we suffer any harm in it: "Broken ideals".
Fibula: The fibula is also related to growth. 
It represents the father or our responsibility as such: "It's not a good father”
Devaluation conflict: 
"I am unable to leave, to become independent, to make my own life”
The right leg is related to the feminine, and the left one with the masculine.

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