Wednesday, 5 December 2018

VITILIGO, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is a problem of lack of pigmentation in the skin. It is characterized by white spots of different size and shapes. 
Melanin is a pigment that gives colour to the skin, it is not metabolized properly.
Although this problem except discoloration, skin is perfectly normal, vitiligo is very difficult to accept because it gives the aesthetic effect and is very annoying for the person and also there is no effective symptomatic treatment.
Moreover, the sun also aggravates the appearance, because if the rest of the skin is tanned, vitiligo affected areas turn pink and the effect is further highlighted.
Vitiligo states that have a negative image about ourselves, which has been created by someone else. 
Generally, it is a male element, the parent or someone who exercises the paternal function, can sometimes be the mother if it occupies that role, brother, godfather or someone you admire. 
Curiously, in the world of symbolism the sun represents the father and precisely depigmentation of the skin leaves us unprotected from violence from sunlight. 
"I want my father to see inside" 
"I lack the light of a parent who supports me" 
"I have a father, yes, but he has no use for me". 
"I want to be more pure" 
"I do not exist for my parent, does not see me, I'm invisible" 
"I am separated from my parents' eyes”
Similarly, vitiligo may appear after a conflict of "dirt" in my family or in my environment, and have taken the unconscious order to "clean" so much filth. "You have to wash what is soiled. 
We must have clean hands" 
"I have a terrible fear that the stain on my family "breakthrough". 
"I have to clean all that mess, I clean stains from my family" 
"I want to be" transparent "to go unnoticed" 
"They are all bad, except me and I cannot prove. I'm innocent".
Vitiligo can also respond to an unpleasant and abrupt separation from a loved one conflict, someone I wanted more than anything in the world.
Example: I've seen murdered my father, mother, brother, etc.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Vitiligo Biologically it aims to "treat more light within us”
I am assuming that I am not to blame for much dirt.
Accepting me and loving me as I am and taking control of my life.
Walking away from the person or "dirty" people.
Realizing that although I may not always show me innocent, I am.
It is our responsibility to give back light and colour to our image, which is a reflection of our soul and recognize our merits, our achievements and attain happiness. 
We must accept what happened and stop blaming the person who has made us doubt ourselves.

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