Tuesday, 26 February 2019

TINNITUS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The phenomenon that makes you hear sounds hiss, hum, crackle without this having any relation to my surroundings. 
This can be temporary or permanent and may occur with different sound intensities.
Separation conflict: lack of enough kind words, explanations or silence or "I'm separated from the sound of someone".
Too much silence: 
"Silence is unbearable"
"Create noise in the head for not being silent"
Conflict of aggression: too many noises, hearing loss; conflict not want to hear. Built a wall of silence, hiding inside a shell. 
Because the fact of hearing whistling or buzzing tells me these perhaps there is something you no longer want to hear these sounds and will "drown" to prevent this from reaching my ears.
This is not what I wanted to hear. I cannot stand to hear unpleasant things, it may be words or noises that exceed our ability to reason.
"I do as I please," 
I refuse to hear certain words that I find unpleasant. 
I resist because I'm afraid to know the truth, to be aware of a situation or even to eventually make a decision.
Conflict of territory. I cannot bear to have lost its own territory or hear how my opponent penetrates it.
What sound am I hearing? I accept my inner ears open more to get my inner voice. 
"I eliminate outside noise to hear the inner sounds".

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