Thursday, 21 March 2019

LIGAMENTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are usually between the bones and cartilage of our body, being responsible to unite and stabilize the anatomical structures such as joints.
Unlike the tendons that connect muscle to bone, ligaments connect bone to bone, playing a very important role in the musculoskeletal system.
In a joint, ligaments enable and facilitate the natural movement of this and prevent movements that are anatomically abnormal.
When a person’s ligament is damaged, it indicates that he/she is afraid to be devalued in a future project or that someone does not assess later, it can be a company, a team, a person, etc.
"I fear a situation that will come in the future"
"As much as I do not get it"
"In the future I will be stronger"
"They did not elect me for the next competition"
"Surely my project will not be elected"
"This person is not for me"
Hypolaxity: "I feel compelled to remain in this situation"
"I have no right to leave this context"
Hypermobility: "I want more freedom"
Short ligaments: "I am living a situation that I do not want"
"I must stop now, I'm doing things wrong"
"Crusader" ligaments: Conflict of "Crossroads", such as crossroads, crossing iron (sword fighting), exchange of glances, crossing species etc.

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