Thursday, 21 March 2019

LIGAMENTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a tough, fibrous band that binds the joints and supports the organs.
They are generally found between the bones and cartilage in our body, being responsible for joining and stabilizing anatomical structures such as joints.
When a person damages a ligament, it indicates that they are afraid of being devalued in a future project or that someone will not value them later, it can be a company, a team, a person, etc.
When there is fear of materializing a project, the connection between desire and matter is broken and the ligament is broken.
"I am afraid of a situation that is going to come in the future." "No matter how much I do, I won't get it." "In the future, I have to be stronger", "They will not choose me for the next competition", "Surely my project will not be the chosen one", "This person is not for me."
Hypolaxity: There is resentment for the lack of freedom, for fear of letting go or for feeling that one does not have the right to get out of a situation. "I feel compelled to remain in this situation." "I have no right to get out of this context"
Hypermobility: Desire for release and relaxation. "I want more freedom"
Short Ligaments: Ligaments those are naturally shorter than normal.
I have difficulty with movement. I must move as little as possible. I have no right to get out of this context or situation. "I am living in a situation that I no longer want", "I have to stop now, I'm doing things wrong"
There may be an unresolved program from some ancestor.
The cruciate ligaments: Ligaments that form a cross at the knee joint.
I feel devalued with respect to something that has crossed me: crossroads, iron cross (sword fight), crossing of glances, crossing of species etc.
It is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the body and the bones and muscles that join.

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