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THE KIDNEY STONES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Kidney stone, or renal stone, is a piece of solid material (usually calcium) that is formed inside the kidney from substances that are in the urine
The stone can be left in the kidney or it can detach and go down through the urinary tract. 
The stones may become stuck in one of the ureters, bladder, or urethra, producing symptoms of pain (nephritic colic), dysuria (difficulty urinating), or haematuria (blood in the urine).
Conflict of territory or liquids.
The sense of the calculations is to put a wall before something. Prevent the output of liquids (money, referrals, emotions), or marking the territory.
"I cannot be in my territory" (Being at a family member's house, for example).
Territory in dispute. 
"Someone occupies my territory and, consequently, it is impossible for me to mark it, to delimit it"
"This is mine but I got tired of marking it"
"What I urinate more if it does not do anything"
I forbid anything.
Conflict of liquids:
If someone has kidney stones can also indicate that, for a long time, he is experiencing a conflict in which he feels he is spending a lot of money, he refuses to lose more liquid (liquidity) and therefore puts a cap on the escape of money.
"I do not want to lose liquidity"
"I'm losing fluid, I have to stop it”
Most of the time it affects people with rigid behaviour and is usually related to conflicts of jealousy and envy.
These people have to learn to spend money consciously and not accidentally.
They need to learn to assume their economic responsibilities according to their income.
They also need to learn how to enjoy their expenses, especially if it comes to leisure expenses.
On the other hand, they must learn to accept that if something is not theirs, they must let it flow and go.
Renal colic: Muscle pain located in the kidneys (by the back area) associated with a nephritic or renal calculus.
Conflict of liquids and putting an obstacle.
It can also manifest itself after a ureter conflict (marking of territory).
The pain is a warning sign. 
We are not putting the necessary conscience in the resolution of a conflict linked to territory and liquids. 
It is related to kidney stones.
In colic we resent guilt, rage or unconsciousness on the same subject.
Whenever renal calculi or nephritic colic appears, it means that we are experiencing a conflict of wanting to place a blockage on the loss of liquid (liquids can be real or symbolic: referents, alcoholics, drowning, money, emotions, losses in the pipes of the house, flood, etc.).
Liquids = Liquidity ... "Put an obstacle, a wall", so that the liquid (money) does not escape (example: a gentleman who considers high and unfair, the monthly fee to be paid to his community and does it against of his will. 
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