Friday, 2 October 2020

BLADDER, emotional and spiritual meaning

The urinary system, in general, alert us to conflicts of territory, and specifically in the function to mark territory.
Biologically some animals use urine to mark territory. We do the same but our notion of territory is a bit wider, it may be something physical like our home, our office, our things, and our country or symbolic as our partner, our work, our family, our projects, etc.
Some bladder problems such as cystitis (inflammation) that affects more to women, speak clearly of problems of "territory". The woman is living a situation which she does not feel in her territory.
It may be because a relative has arrived to her house, what makes her feel uncomfortable, or perhaps a new partner has come to her job, and she feels like he/she steals her space.
"I cannot organize my territory as I want because someone (mother, family, grandchild, etc.) will not let me or prevents me to do it”
Until very recently, the woman was who looked after the familiar territory, who dealt with the order and the home tasks. Her function of "housewife" made her more sensitive and more aware of the need for living space, a place she can call her own.
Therefore, the first territory in which we think is the house, but now thanks to women, not only associated with this area, we must consider as in man, many more possibilities of organization.
"I cannot organize in this territory”
-Afraid to lose the territory organization or stop suddenly to be ordered.
-Inability conflict to determine her position or have referents. What country do I belong? I do not identify with my surname.
Cystitis in men has the background they need more strength to mark the boundaries of their territory. This may be the house where the female lives, our workplace, our team, etc.
"I cannot mark the limits of my territory”
Submucosal bladder:
Crud in the territory, dirt, grime.
"Conflict on some clean affair, something very dirty".
Mucosal bladder. Right side, female part:
Conflict of not organizing the territory or of recognizing the limits.
Fear that the territory loses its organization.
Conflict cannot determine its position, having no references.
What country do I belong?
Left side, male part:  It will mark the territory, outside.
Territorial marking conflict. Border conflict.
Incontinence: It is the involuntary release of urine.
In adults, often related to the desire to control everything in life. Inflexible people. Emotional excess overflows. Years of repression of emotions.
In children, need to mark territory, fear in the territory (children suffering bullying at school), children of separated parents who do not know or do not identify "which is my house?”
Conflict of not organizing their own territory and recognizing the limits, what territory do I belong to?
Conflict failing to define one's own position.
Urinary retention: Lack of a territory. Real or symbolic.
Hematuria: I want to expel someone outside his/her territory.
Lack of joy for failing to demarcate the borders of the territory.
Ureter: This is the same conflict that affects the bladder.
Sense of danger in the territory. "I am in danger".
Urethra: It is the channel through which the bladder empties. The problems in the urethra indicate that we do not know where our limits are. We had trying to mark our territory, but we do not know whether it is ours or not, we do not know how far we can get; if we can do that or not, whether it is correct or not, whether it will be either seen or not, we do not know "what to expect".
If the urethra (urethritis) becomes inflamed it is because we have lived or are living a conflict in which we feel indignant about something that has happened to us, and instead of putting it and fix it, we just blame others.
Conflict of territory: Do not know where the boundaries are inside. Angry because someone has "overstepped the bounds of his/her territory"
Reflections: What country do I belong to? Have they invaded my territory? Has my territory lost its organization? Is there any dirt in my territory?
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I need to learn to speak out, express my doubts and resentments.
Stop blaming others and undertaking my own way.
I love myself, I approve myself and I respect myself.
I should stop getting upset by situations beyond my control.
I love myself as I am.

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