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Physical lateralities of the symptoms are quite revealing of what happens inside us, so it is possible that many readers interested in self-healing and who have read other authors, may be surprised when I say that the right side of the body represents for me the symbol of the "mother" and the left side is the symbol of the "father".
As you will understand, this is not a statement said too lightly, but it is based on a thorough study of the subject.
When I became interested in holistic healing, I also learned about the contrary. 
That is, the right side of the body, that is governed by the left hemisphere, was related to action, reason, Yang energy, and consequently, with the male symbol, with the father or with their representatives (authority, etc.) and the left side, governed by the right hemisphere, was associated with intuition, Yin energy, with the feminine side and the mother or with their representatives (institutions, society, etc.).
So we can conclude that the conditions on the right side speaks of a conflict with a male element, with the son, with the father, or with those they are represented with, the chief, the authority, etc. Similarly, the left side evokes the difficulties of relationship with a female element, the daughter, the mother, home, society, etc.
People have two distinct nervous systems operating in our body: the central nervous system or spinal-brain that is governed by the brain and our conscious and the autonomous or autonomic nervous system, that is governed by our Non-Conscious. Besides, the autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic.
The central nervous system is the one that regulates life consciously and voluntarily. 
The information comes from the five senses and has a great impact on all processes that man can make on a voluntary basis, such as walking, picking up a glass, hugging, etc. because it acts on the "white" muscle fibbers located mainly in the arms and legs.
However, the autonomic nervous system governs everything that is involuntary, unconscious in our body, such as digestion, immune system, heart function, etc., and "red" fibbers (heart, pancreas, liver, etc.) are almost totally dependent from it.
However, unlike the central nervous system, as we have seen, crosses at the level of the throat, so that each cerebral hemisphere governs the opposite side of the body to which it is located, the autonomic nervous system, does not cross anywhere, but extends from a central axis. From head to toes, the right remains to the right and the left, to the left.
If we know that it is not the brain, through its central nervous system, the one acting on diseases and accidents, as they are not considered voluntary processes of human beings (nobody gets sick intentionally), but rather unconscious and, therefore, from the autonomic nervous system governed by our Non-Conscious, I am convinced that the lateralization we must keep in mind, every time we are in the presence of a lateralized symptom is, right as a symbol of the "mother", female, and left as a symbol of "father", male. 
This must be true for all right-handed people and vice versa, for all persons born biologically left-handers.
There is also a more subtle explanation: according to psychology, in every human being we can find the two polarities, one visible and another hidden, male-female, man-woman, but we both physically and psychologically develop preferably one of them, leaving the other in the shadow. 
According to C. G. Jung, the shadow is the sum of all facets of reality that the individual does not recognize or does not want to recognize, and therefore discard. 
Not recognizing the shadow, the hidden part in us, makes us suffer, since when one rejects a certain principle, every time he finds it on the outside world, it will trigger in him/her a reaction of anxiety and repudiation and will take him/her to project it to his/her spouse or partner. 
The tendency to highlight the qualities or defects of another person, that actually only reflect, as if it were a mirror, the beauty or imperfections of our own soul, emanates from this projection.
With this theory we can understand that our difficulty comes not from the visible, that part of us which we identify with, but the invisible, the other part we do not want to see.
So when a person has some negative symptoms in his/her right knee, an action and reason symbol, since it is governed by the left, male hemisphere, could show some difficulty with his/her invisible and secret part, that is, with its female hidden dimension, which is confronted by a woman of his/her environment, which will lead him/her to become aware of the problem-of feminine nuance that has.
After my training as a psycho-coder, I have to recognize that in certain diseases, such as those affecting the breasts, shoulders, arms, bronchi, thyroid, feet, legs, bones, etc., it is difficult in many cases to decipher with the exactness of laterality, since although we have a female brain that manages female resentments and a male brain that governs male resentments, we must admit that it can be biologically female but nevertheless have a lot of masculine energy and vice versa.
On the other hand, there is also the ambidextrous person, who may be biological right-handed or biological left-handed, depending on whether it is a man or a woman.
And we may even have a contradicted laterality. 
For example, some parents who have left-handed children of birth and, for some reason, social, family, etc., are forced to write or to eat with the right hand, these children become functional right but remain left-handed biological.
Dr. Salomon Sellam, in his book Los Huesos, published by Ediciones Bérangel, offers us two aspects, two alternatives that could help us to decipher laterality in order to better define the origin of our conflict. On the one hand it speaks of "the side of the neuro-motor impact". When the danger, the problem or the conflictive situation comes from the right and the neuro-motor impact is inscribed on the same side, it would be a right handedness. 
He cites as an example a firefighter with problems on his right shoulder, as he was not able to open the door of a burning house pushing with that part of his body and, as a consequence, a person who was inside died, for which he felt invaded by a great guilt, which settled on his right shoulder devalued. 
If instead of having used his right shoulder, to try to open the door, had resorted to his left shoulder, of course, the pathology would have settled on this shoulder.
And secondly, he suggests an own version, which he tells us, has helped enormously to decipher laterality and, consequently, the origin of emotional conflict.
A pathology located to the right: it would be related to the affective part, with the interior, the house, the home, with the feeling of conceiving a project, a desire, most of the times contradicted. 
"I would like to do that, I would like to achieve such a thing ... but I feel unable or unable to carry it out because I feel unappreciated, I am a nullity in the eyes of others."
A pathology located on the left: it is closely related to the action, the danger, the outside, the work, the realization of a project often contradicted, followed by a feeling of devaluation. 
"I have done this or that and I repent, I have been a nullity, I have failed to discern, etc.
Here are several tests to determine biological laterality:
The people who applaud with the flat left and right strike, are biological right-handed; those who have the right flat and strike with the left, are left-handed biological. 
Those who applaud in the middle are considered to have a double brain, that is, they work with both brains.
Breastfeed the baby. If they carry the baby with the left arm they have the right to do something else, they will leave the stronger side free, and if they are left handed, it will be just the opposite. With what hand do you give him the bottle?
Thread the thread into a needle. 
The right hand will take the needle with the left hand, the left hand with the right.
The hammer and the nail. 
Right-handers will take the nail with the left hand, the left-handers with the right.
Climbing stairs. What is the foot that goes up the first rung?
Conflicts associated with laterality:
Dyslexia may be related. In fact, there may be some contradictory laterality. It is necessary to know the biological laterality. 
Although there are also transgenerational memories.
Another would be confusing the right with the left. It is related to memories of being an unwanted child or not of the sex that the parents would have preferred (being a child and parents wanting a girl or vice versa).

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