Thursday, 15 October 2020

HIP pain, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the fundamental joint to stand and walk. It represents the deepest beliefs about the way we understand our relationship with others and with the world and the way we live.
"Stay in your position”
When you have a hip problem, it means that you are living an emotional conflict in which it is difficult "to maintain your position” Perhaps nobody obeys, maybe your children do what they want and ignore you, no one phones or visits you, or no longer celebrate your birthday as before. You have ceased to occupy the "important" position that you formerly occupied and thus, have lost your place in the family, identity and strength.
"I am old, wanted to fight, but I better stand and give in”
"I do not want to go there, but I cannot resist ... I cannot do anything else, I cannot fight”
If it is a young person, it will be related to the conflict: Conflict of real opposition, duty against self will make someone stronger.
I want to fight for something but I cannot, I simply do not let myself, do not trust myself, but anyway I am a "feisty" person and will not let go until I do.
"I'm young, I want to fight, and I cannot, but in my attempt process".
Conflict of symbolic opposition: "I oppose, I do not have the same political ideas”
Conflict of opposition + repressed anger, resentment, injustice (bladder is affected).
If the hip hurts more when we stand, it means that we are weak to take and maintain our decisions.
If instead, the pain increases when we are sitting or lying down, wants to express that "unconsciously" do not allow us to rest because we think it will make us weak before the others.
Any symptoms in the hip, even when we fall or break a bone, we try to analyze the following conflicts:
"Someone is opposed to something I want, think or I like”
"I feel anger and anger toward someone who contradicts me”
"Conflict of sexual opposition: I have seen a (real or symbolic) incest". 
Most incests are symbolic, except when there is congenital hip dislocation, for example, my wife or my husband, is twice my father or my mother, or my brother or sister and at unconscious level, libido decreases , little by little.
"In my family there is a big secret," this conflict can be transformed into hip osteoarthritis.
Osteochondritis dissecans of the hip (the same previous conflict).It commonly affects people who have the false belief that "should" take care of their parents, serve them, bathe them, feed them, etc., but internally they oppose.
"I cannot handle the burden of my mother”
Acetabulum: Conflict in relation to sexuality from a female point of view.
Great impairment due to a deep feeling of loneliness. "I do not feel accompanied, supported..” to a very important vital level. Desire or fear in relation to excesses, especially those related to alcohol and sex (orgies, for example).
Usually, people with hip problems have difficulty running what they want to do. 
Think about doing something different, plan, but ultimately, they have doubts, they give up because they believe that "will not succeed" and spend their lives complying with what they have.
"Fear of taking important decisions"
"Fear of changes due to lack of confidence in their own forces. Nowhere to move"
"I must not, I have no right, do not deserve, it is useless ... forward”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
"At any age I move through life with joy and ease"
"I trust myself. I do not beat, no one can beat me"
"I take my changes and decide freely”

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