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LUNGS diseases, emotional and spiritual meaning

The lungs are the main organs of respiration. In them, it is where the gas exchange between the air and the blood is performed. 
This is where we get the individual life, where we inhale life.
The lungs therefore have a direct relationship with life, with the desire to live and the ability to live well. 
Also with death as it always lives in respiratory terms: "I breathed his/her last"
They symbolize the breath of life; fear "out of breath". Contact, freedom, sharing, living space, is "choking" one.
Communication, word space.
The joy of living; sadness, sorrows of the past.
In fact, most people with lung feel a deep sadness in the soul that cannot manifest, which takes away the breath and the word.
Lung problems express our difficulty in accepting life and inspire in us, by fear, by impediments or lack of ability to react and defend ourselves from the attacks of our environment, real or imagined. They can manifest themselves in moments of sadness, despair or discouragement by, or when we feel that something or someone choking us and prevents us aspire life as we wish.
Emphysema: Decrease or total loss of elasticity of the lung alveoli. Impairment linked to lung capacity: "I can’t, I cannot breathe"
"Fear of not being able to breathe because of a disease”
"Chronic choking situation".
"Fear of being fired, losing a job”
Pleura: Protection of lungs. Fear of an attack against the chest cavity, against the lungs, for example, 
"very deep fear of what happens inside me” 
"Fear of a stroke affecting my lungs” 
"Fear because of a pain in the rib cage” "Fear of breast cancer that affects the lung”
Pleural effusion: I need my own references, my values.
Inflammation of the pleura: Anger, irritation.
Pneumothorax: "I need space, freedom” 
"Someone attacked me” 
"I protect the other” 
"I do not feel protected by my family”
Alveoli: Conflict of fear of dying. "I'm afraid to die from asphyxiation”
"I'm afraid that someone who is close to me dies".
Cancer: some events that have shown us our whole life as a complete failure have occurred.
Is it worth living to come to this?
We have felt hurt, humiliated or disappointed and feel it is not worth to live. 
It may also be related to concerns about a child or a very close person, someone who gave meaning to our life, we have delivered, body and soul, and that is causing us great grief.
Cancer alveoli and bronchial mucous glands:
"Conflict of fear of death, fear of suffocation archaic, visceral fear”
Bronchus "slanderous words that invade my space” 
"Conflict of fighting or invasion of the territory" "Fear lost as own territory”.
Fear for yourself: many spots in the lungs (in the radiographic image can be seen as a balloon release) manifest.
Fear of another person die: a single spot appears. 
Example: A family member has had an accident and is in a coma. Constantly he/she thinks he/she will die.
Fear of dying with suffering: several stains occur in the upper part of the lungs that are falling down conform.
Left lung micro nodules: "I need territory for my children”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Think: Are we afraid of making ourselves independent, free? 
Do we resist the challenges of life? 
Is there something or someone that keeps us breathing? 
What or who does not want to get in touch? 
Are we missing the will to live?
We must seek and aspire life fully aware that only we possess the power to transform our lives to access the happiness and the joy of living.

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