Wednesday, 19 June 2019

VARICOSE ULCER, emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are ulcers shown in varicose legs on an altered and weakened skin, usually more pigmented or purple.
Almost all of them are located in the lower half of the legs in the inner region and more specifically in the back of the inner ankle and present with pain that intensifies with the touch and movement.
They indicate us that we are overloaded and overworked. We live in a situation that causes us disgust, dismay.
When varicose ulcers appear, it means that we are living in two conflicts at the same time: Conflict separation + devaluation.
For example: To find a job, we had to leave our home town and yet no one recognizes and appreciates what we've done.
Or maybe we work in our house itself, but neither our children nor our husband recognize everything we do and that makes us feel as "outside the family".


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