Tuesday, 19 November 2019

CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE, emotional meaning

It is based on a behavioural problem of character. 
Dr. Salomon Sellam called minimum repeating conversion. It is a small conflict lived amplified way, for a long time the person is faced with daily choices: 
Is it good for me or not? 
Is it right or wrong? 
"I have to choose between good and evil".

"I'm always asking if I said, if I did, if it was good, etc”.

"I always doubt of myself”

I have moved to another city or country and I always feel "out of my element”

I always wonder: How good is my life? What am I in this life? What is my purpose in life?

"Whenever I have liquidity problems, money”

The individual spends the day having to choose between one thing or its opposite and becomes his/her private drama. It is a conflict that is living day by day and it is structuring his/her psyche until it can no longer be with him/her.

The key question at a psychosomatic level is: 
Is it vital for me to worry about this? Is it as important or relevant? Is it vital for me to worry about money and that a kidney affects me?

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