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HYPOTHYROIDISM, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Hypothyroidism decreased production of thyroid hormone occurs and corresponds to the resenting: 
"I want you to stop time"
Conflict: Patience/slow.
"I wish that time passes slowly"
"I need more time to enjoy it”
"I have to go slow to not ruin things"
"I need more time to do more things"
Overall are situations where everything goes too fast and the solution is to stop time, for example, when a diagnosis of a terminal illness of a relative, one can feel that you make the time go slower to be with this person.
Similarly, you can translate a feeling of powerlessness to act in an emergency situation.
Conflict of failing to act fairly quickly, to be hamstrung, unable to do anything, when it is urgent. 
"Fear of having to fight and feel helpless" 
It is unbridgeable! "Fear of dealing with problems" 
"Unable to get something, not be fast enough" "I have to go fast, but still do not get it".
Frontal fear conflict against a danger.
"We must do something fast, I cannot, and there is so much to do..”
Controversy always wait for the last minute to do one thing and then see that we are not able or "never will be”
Faced with a conflict of female frontal fear reaction is of utter helplessness, escape. In the male mode, it is passed to the attack.
Left-Handed: Fear of disease. 
"The body will fail me" 
"I cannot count on my body" 
"I'm afraid of what comes from my body"
Fear helpless in an emergency. 
"I have no right to defend myself" 
"Being that I want and I have to protect is sick, and that's worse than if I were sick"
In the case of the person suffering from a lack of activity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), your body tells you that want to take action, which does not do enough to get what he/she wants in the depths of itself demands. 
It's sure not be fast enough to achieve what you want. 
It is not in sufficient contact with their "want".
Decrease in the concentration of somatotropin: The conflict is in the intention: 
"I intend to get it but never get it"

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