Friday, 8 November 2019

THE MAMMARY GLAND, emotional meaning:

The mammary glands: Their function is to produce and secrete milk.
Conflict: drama in the nest with a sense of danger. 
Benign adenofibroma, a type of cancer, or adenocarcinoma, one of the most common types of cancer.

In a right-handed woman:

Left breast: Conflict mother/son or conflict in the "strict" nest. 
All the things that we feel responsible, where they have an absolute need for us. 
Protection. "I want to give from myself”

Dispute involving the child. Concern for the child itself, by what happens or what it does.

Conflict related to the nest, the house, the apartment. 
Or not being able to form a nest. 
Disorganized nest. 
Losing the nest.

Right breast: Conflict with someone who has the role of a mother: the partner.

The first partner is the father.

The second is the brother or sister, the children who have grown.

The third partner is the husband.

The fourth partner is a friend, a colleague, a cousin, etc.

In a biological left-handed woman: it is just the opposite. 
The right breast expresses a conflict of strict nest and left breast indicates a conflict with the partner.

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