Friday, 8 November 2019

MAMMARY GLAND, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The mammary glands: They have the function of making and secreting milk.
Adenocarcinoma is one of the most common types of cancer in this part of the breast. Its origin is commonly found in an emotional conflict related to loss, separation and/or lack of protection. For example, when a woman feels lonely after parting with someone she was very attached to. This can happen after the end of a courtship, a divorce, after the death of the couple, or perhaps, because she finds out that her husband is cheating on her or that he no longer pays attention to her as before, etc.
In the same way, it can also occur as a consequence of the death of a person to whom she felt a strong attachment such as her mother, father, brother, friend, etc. The severity of the tumor will always be related to the intensity of the attachment that the woman has felt for that person.
There are also other conflicts that affect the mammary gland, for example, when the woman wants to separate or divorce and cannot achieve it for different reasons, because her partner refuses, because she is economically dependent, due to problems with the family, etc.
In a right-handed woman:
If it affects the left breast, it indicates that there has been a mother / child conflict or conflict in the “strict” nest. Everything for which we feel responsible, where there is an absolute need for us. Related to protection as a mother, "I want to give of myself"
Conflict regarding the child. Concern for his own son, for what happens to him or for what he does.
Experience related to the nest, the house, the apartment. There may be regret for not being able to have or form a nest or that it is disorganized or, perhaps, that I have lost it.
Right breast: Conflict with someone who is treated like a child, it can be the partner.
The first couple is the father.
The second is the brother or sister, the children who have grown up.
The third couple is the husband.
The fourth couple is a friend, a colleague, a cousin, etc.
In a biological left-handed woman: it is the other way around. The right breast will express a strict nest conflict and the left breast will indicate a conflict with the partner.
Mastitis and abscesses: drama plus disgrace in the nest.
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