Tuesday, 12 November 2019

THUMB, emotional and spiritual meaning

Thumb: It is this finger that allows us to take things well and hold them tightly.
Thumb problems can express the feeling that we have lost control of events or the pain we feel from not being able to act or take control of a situation.
The thumb, on the other hand, is also a symbol of power, protection or condemnation. In gladiator fights, the luck of the gladiators depended on the thumb of the person presiding over the fight. 
Also in the Roman circus the thumb down meant leaving the man in front of the wild beast without protection or defense.
In our days we usually use the thumb to express a value judgment, when we want to show satisfaction at something we raise the thumb, or we lower it when we want to show our disapproval.
The thumb represents our will and our responsibility.
Devaluation conflict because someone makes me feel less, in relation to how I do things, how I work, how I perform.
When we suffer some damage to this finger it can mean that we are worried about something, whether it is related to our mother, something we said or even because we feel that someone is pressuring us to do something that we do not want to do.
In the same way, it can indicate that we feel weak and need protection against what we consider an external aggression and also we feel defeated and mired in sadness.
Likewise, the thumb represents the mother, it is related to "affective nutrition", babies tend to introduce it into their mouth and suck it when they miss their mother's affective food. It has to do with the sense of taste.

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