Sunday, 2 February 2020

RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME,emotional and spiritual meaning

Disease of the blood vessels of the fingers causing them to pale, cool and duel. 
This happens because there is insufficient blood coming to these parts of the body, a condition that can also occur, for example, if we are in a highly cold environment.
Blood is removed from the fingers, to warm up and carry nutrients to other parts of the body that need it the most.
Conflict of work (hands), family (blood) and death (coldness).
Conflict by feeling unable to do something or to maintain "cold blood".
"I cannot be competent and bring things to fruition, until the end".
"I do not feel able to stay in that job".
"I do not feel capable in my job".
 "I do not feel able to finish this project".
Conflict of not being able to go home (home, heart), related to work.
"I do not feel able to leave that job".
"I do not feel able to look for another job".
"I cannot get a job".
Conflict of devaluation for not being recognized within the clan itself.
"I'm not as good as my family believes".
"I'm not as good as my family expects".
"I'm not good enough to be accepted".
Conflict of depreciation related to not being able to touch, grab, hold someone with their hands.
"I want to keep the deceased".
Conflict of loss of territory by separation or death.
Conflicts related to situations where the person felt "very cold". 
These may be interrelated stories of people who have died (dead), ice, cold, work or family.
It may be someone who works at a funeral home or somewhere where there is ice and does not like it.
Maybe someone I loved very much died in the cold, on the ice and I could not help him.
"I feel like my family is like an ice floe".
"I feel like my life is frozen”.
"I feel that this place where I live is very cold and I always wanted to leave".
Conflict of devaluation. "I cannot pass on information intended to circulate oxygenated blood".
If we are not identified with the previous conflicts we have to look in our family tree in case there is a similar story that we have inherited. In the same way, we must review the Project Sense with which we were conceived and gestated and analyze if it was not our parents who lived these stories and we have programmed.

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