Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sinus infection, emotional and spiritual meaning

This sinus infection is linked to impotence against a person or situation: "I cannot smell it"
We are angry with someone very close, someone who is on our side, we cannot handle and don’t want to smell him/her. 
This anger may be related to the difficulty and at the same time, the need to defend our position or our ideas, that is, with the fact of having to "deal" to something in a particular situation. 
Expresses the difficulties we have to impose our authority or to "deal" to the authority of another.
Sense of danger. You may sniff advance a danger or threat. 
The danger may be real or imaginary.
Bad odour conflict: I have the feeling that "something does not smell right," there is something dubious". 
"This thing smells bad”
Conflict front and olfactory fear. Fear of a vague threat, disguised latent". 
Something smells bad to me, unable to understand or foresee"

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