Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Loss of Balance, emotional meaning

Fear. Loss of self-confidence. 
I desire to have under control our environment and finding accurate and stable support.
It has happened something (often, situations of change) in the life of the person who has moved the base and foundation where rested. 
The patient feels that has lost his/her reference points. His/her beliefs, his/her values ​​and way of life have collapsed. He/she has become valueless.
He/she is not thinking properly, does not see clearly the future, and does not know where to lay his/her eyes.
"Before us it is the nothing, and we are required to move!”
We may have the feeling that a situation is evolving too fast for us and we are afraid of the changes it will bring to our lives.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Life is constantly flowing. 
Beliefs are based on the mind and many are irrational, limiting and destructive. 
We must accept them but be very aware not to let thoughts disperse. 
The most convenient, in these cases, is marked a course and follow it.
We must learn to trust ourselves and in life.

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