Thursday, 23 April 2020

RETINA, emotional and spiritual meaning

The retina is the layer of light-sensitive found in the inner back of the eye and acts like the film in a camera: images pass through the lens of the eye and are focused on the retina. 
The retina then converts these images into electrical signals and sends them via the optic nerve to the brain. 
The retina is normally red due to its rich blood supply.
Retinal detachment: Intense Conflict, visual image of stress. Example: The child falls off before our eyes
The adult feels horror at such image, but the view is protected.
The retina prints... "I do not want to print what I have seen” "Feeling of having seen something terrible” 
A small child who does not have this protection mechanism, remains fascinated by the horrible things he/she sees. 
When we are struck, the child prints the image on his/her retina. 
Later, with all his/her stress concentrated in vision, he/she will suffer a retinal detachment.
It is important that you face this image rather than want to hide or deny it. I have to find out why I should have seen this disturbing event and identify the life lesson that I must learn. 
Fear that comes from behind. What can fall on me? "The danger is coming from behind”
Macular retinopathy: This is the alteration of the capillaries of the macula (the central retina).
Stop seeing a person or thing irreversibly.
"Seeing a family member die".
Retinitis pigmentosa: Too much pigment in the retina.The eye cannot adapt to darkness and the visual field decreases over time.  
Therefore, I no longer see the light.  
This disease will develop if I am ashamed of myself, of who I am, both physically and intellectually. 
I would like others to look elsewhere but not on me. I may be a perfectionist and comparing myself to someone else causes me great stress. 
It is the visual equivalent of melanoma: vision of horror, ugly, nasty, with stain vision.  
"I've seen my father/mother with another".

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