Tuesday, 30 March 2021

ARRHYTHMIA, Emotional and Spiritual meaning

Arrhythmia: Altering the normal rhythm of the heartbeat. When bradycardia and tachycardia slows down when we are accelerating.
Healing phase of a conflict of territory and home.
Something important in my life invades my intimate territory "house" or escapes from it. 

Experience of oppression in relation to orders received from the authority, executed against our desire or will.
The metronome of life is spoiled. Metronome = Metro (as) no (negation) and homo (man). 

The man does not measure, does not control. Lack of measures, limits, references, father.
Tachycardia: emotional conflict by "false security" of not getting enough love. 

We are living an experience that makes us think that in the future we will not receive enough love, that we will die soon.
"My kids do not call me often”
"Nobody hugs me”
"Nobody loves me".
"You do not love me".
"They do not love me as before”
When it occurs in women with active sex life, tachycardia may indicate that she does not practice sex enough, "I do not love enough”
Bradycardia: Too slow heart rate (below 60 beats per minute).
Conflict with the father. 

Lack or total absence of my dad at home and, as a consequence, I don't feel guided in life. 

I have always been waiting for my father to guide me with love and to set limits for me. 

If my father never tells me what I have done wrong or good, if he does not show me the way, I feel without a guide. 

I have to dose love because my father was not or is not present at my house.
Healing phase of a territory conflict.
It produces a slowdown of the rhythms in general, and within the heart in particular (house, home), so that we are not too noticeable and go unnoticed.
Transgenerational conflict. Conflict of keeping a dead person (ghost) inside us because we are the heirs and guardians of it.
Ventricular bradycardia: "You have to dose, reduce love." 

It can be related to having to keep certain family secrets at home. 

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