Friday, 30 April 2021

CLAVICLE (collarbone), emotional and spiritual meaning

The clavicle is a long bone, with the shape of the "S", extends from the sternum to the shoulder blade. 

It is considered the only means of connection between the upper limb and chest.
The clavicle has the function of “weight bearing”.
They are related to authority. 

The pain in her tells me that I am living a problem with authority, with whom I am given orders and before whom it is difficult for me to affirm myself. 

The conflict is related to what I want to do, in disagreement with what is imposed on me.
Like all pain, it tells me that I feel guilty and want to punish myself, for having rebellious thoughts and, furthermore, I accuse myself for not having enough courage to do what I want.
The symbol of union with our father and, more specifically, with the support we have or not, from him.
Conflict of Hercules: "I can with everything”
"I could not lean on my father”
"I need to lean on him to grow”
Acromial tip: "Notion of separation” Devaluation  for not to alienate someone or something.
Possible problems related to "keys".
Sternal tip: "Notion of realization”. "I lack the keys to become a star."
Devaluation for not being able to bring a loved one closer.
Acromion: Great devaluation. We have been victims of something that is not accepted in the family and we felt with cut legs ...
This is a structural  fact, in which we have no time to change things.
"I'm worthless", about myself or others in the clan.
"I have no right to participate in the opinions of the clan.
"Go ... but stay".
Often times, a broken collarbone occurs after a fall on the shoulder and indicates that I am under heavy pressure from my responsibilities. 

I feel like I'm going to "break" under the weight of my obligations. 

Life gives me more burdens than I can handle.
Clavicle fractures may be the consequence of a feeling of rebellion that has not been expressed. 
"No words. Acts!".

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
We must dare to express what we feel and ask for what we need and not allow others to order like when we were kids.
I trust myself and I strive to find solutions or other points of view that help me improve my life. 

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