Saturday, 8 May 2021

EPICONDYLITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

The elbow joint allows great precision of movements at work.

Conflict of devaluation and obligation in the present: 

The person devalues ​​himself and feels that he must improve the movements he makes at work. 

Pain appears in the conflict repair phase when structures are regenerated. 

"I'm sick of being valued at my job." 

Imperfect gesture in tennis. 

"It's my elbow that doesn't play well." 

"I feel devalued from not being able to fly 'higher', symbolically." 

"I feel incapable of surpassing ..., of beating ..., of equaling ..."

Conflict by comparison: "I am worse than the other or that other is better than me." 

In right-handed people (in left-handed people the other way around). 

Right elbow: "I feel obliged to do something but I don't want to" "I don't feel like doing that ...

" Left elbow: "I would like to achieve this or that thing but, they prevent me and I cannot do it" 

"I failed to protect ..." I must become aware of why or what I am resisting.

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