Tuesday, 1 June 2021

GALLSTONES, emotional and spiritual meaning

It involves the formation of solid material growths (stones) in the bile ducts and gallbladder.
The purpose of a gallstone is to hold the bile so that it does not come out. It may be to not digest something or to stop an excess of bile (bitterness, anger, rage, resentment...) that I do not want to manifest.
It warns me of conflicting family situations related to the loss of a territory (real or symbolic) due to not making decisions. "I do not want the other to have anger towards me", "They will think badly of me"
It can also indicate that I am experiencing a conflict related to the anticipation of things. For example, I plan to do something and end up doing something else because I miscalculate. I am very stubborn and I want to have everything calculated, planned and if someone deviates me from my goals or I do it myself, I take it very badly and I get very angry. I have an obsession to anticipate things and if an unforeseen event arises I get quite frustrated.
"I can never make decisions in life", "It did not turn out the way I want", "I wanted to go out there and they prevented me", "I miscalculated", "This was not calculated".
In the same way, he expresses to me that I am experiencing a great feeling of resentment for been faced with someone who opposes harshly.
It mainly affects individuals with a sad and bitter character, dissatisfied with them, who do not feel recognized or know their "place" in life, who always have something to object to and who are prone to sudden attacks of anger.
Mothers who, because of their family obligations, have not been able to give free flow to their energy and maintain damning judgments and resentments for their lack of freedom are firm candidates for gallstones.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
We must become aware that we have a rigid behavior, to get rid of it. 
The solution is to stop planning everything in life, let ourselves flow and act according to our wishes.
We need to learn to take life and what it offers us with joy and optimism.

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