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ANKLES, emotional and spiritual meaning

The ankles symbolize our stability, mobility and flexibility with respect to our beliefs, our ability to decide and to change direction in life. 
Our receptivity to feel pleasure is also reflected in them.
It is the main articulation of movements related to steering. It articulates with the tibia and fibula, therefore it has a paternal and a maternal part.
When symptoms occur in the ankle, it necessarily means that we feel devalued with respect to the direction we decide to take, the lifestyle we lead, or the direction our life has taken. Any damage to the ankle indicates that we must stop what we are doing on a daily basis and analyze what we really want to do. You can express that what we have done so far or what we are doing at this moment is not what we really want to do.
"What I do is not good", "This life or this activity that I do is not what I want"
The ankle in the same way, symbolizes my mother and my relationship with her, the order in which she directs my movements, the way in which I have distanced myself from her, the way in which she indicates the way to follow or the way I must carry it, so it will be necessary to analyze it.
If I have affected the external frontal part, it warns me that I have lived a separation from my mother and I feel resentment.
When the pain is located in the external rear part, it expresses to me a conflict of separation from my mother due to problems related to the territory, home, work, car, partner, etc.
Internal discomfort tells me about a separation from my mother, and as a consequence, I am very worried about her.
You have to take into account if it is my real mother or if I am living with a person who is a double of my mother or if it is a symbolic mother, grandmother, aunt, country where I was born, etc. It may be that the problem is with my responsibility as a mother. 
Other conflicts that can lead to ankle problems:
If I feel devalued in a movement or action that I must perform, for example, because I cannot run, jump, dance, etc.
I can also have discomfort when I behave in an uncompromising way, believing myself to be more intelligent than others and, therefore, I refuse to be receptive to others.
Likewise, it can hurt if I devalue myself for having been and no longer being a good basketball player, a great dancer, etc.
External part: it expresses to me that I am thinking of leaving, moving, changing my profession, my activity, becoming independent, leaving my job, resigning something, separating or divorcing, that is, doing something else, but with a deep feeling of resentment.
Inner part: it tells me that I am thinking of leaving, moving, changing my profession, my activity, becoming independent, leaving my job, giving up something, separating or getting divorced, that is, doing something else, but with a deep feeling of obligation.
The twist: they tell me about an emotional conflict that is active and present the moment I twist my ankle and warns me that: "This is not the right way" To find out the specific cause, it is necessary to analyze in depth the moment in which it occurred, that is: the time, the day, what I am doing at that precise moment, if I am walking to a certain place, etc. and, at the same time, I will have to review my life, my desires, my goals because the message that you want to give me is that I am on the wrong path, either in life or at that specific moment.
Kinks come from doing something I don't want to do or going somewhere I don't want to go. "There is a direction or something, that they impose on me, and a direction or something different, that I want to take or do", "I am not taking the right path", "I'm not on the right track"
Example: a salesperson goes to visit his client and is thinking, what an annoyance to have to try again to convince this person to buy my product, I don't like to insist, but the company sets goals for me; this job exhausts me, I don't like it, I want to change jobs.
The kink gives me the necessary justification to stop and not continue doing what annoys me so much.
In right-handed people, right ankle: it means that I am going in a direction in which I betray my fundamental values. "I'm going astray to please my partner or my father"
In the left ankle: it expresses to me that I am going in a direction in which I am alone. "I follow a path in which I feel that no one supports me" "I do not feel the support of my mother or my children in this path"
The path or direction can refer to what I do, my tastes, my habits, my life, etc.
Sprains: when I suffer a sprain, it tells me that I am going on a direction that does not satisfy me. "It is not the right way"
It also warns me that I feel devalued for not being able to show how well I do a sport or a certain action to my parents, so that they value me.
In the same way, it tells me that I am making a mistake in some objective that I have proposed. "Is this allowed or am I sinning?", "What I do is not right"
The sprain can be considered the repair or healing phase of a situation of devaluation in a context of separation from my mother or father.
Almost always refers to a situation that we have lived for a long time, enduring and that we greatly dislike.
For right-handers (in reverse for left-handers) right ankle: I am affected when I cannot take a specific direction, which is related to my fundamental values, due to my partner, my father, partner, etc.
"It prevents me from going to...", "It prohibits me from doing what I want to do", "It takes away or denies me the means to...”, "You do not give me permission to..."
On the left ankle: he also talks to me about my difficulty in taking a precise direction, but now due to the lack of support from my mother or my children.
External lateral ligament: when there is anterior pain it can indicate a conflict related to the gallbladder, it can express problems of resentment, injustices, unexpressed anger, etc.
When the pain is posterior, it may be a conflict related to the territory, with the 5th finger (little finger).
Internal lateral ligament: if it is linked to the pancreas it may be due to a conflict of: "The sweetness, with respect to my children"
If it affects the spleen it indicates to me that I am worried about my children.
Malleolar (fractures): he always tells me about a conflict situation with my mother.
It can also refer to the way I deal with my decisions, especially when I do not trust the decision I have made.
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  1. Thank you. That explained a lot. I appreciate your insight.

  2. Actually how the body will manifest what the emotional issues are because the energy will get stuck in the body if left repressed or suppressed long enough. The only problem with this article is that in reality the left side represents the female/feminine side and the right side represents the masculine. It's switched in the article. Regards.

  3. My lower back is really giving me grief, so I’ve been doing reflexology on my feet for a week now. Today I got hold of my ankle first, it really hurt,both of them did. I then tackled my wrists, on pressing on , both they really hurt too.? What do you think this is relating to , could it be my back..?

    1. Hi, try to read the post the lumbar vertebrae on the spine tag. Regards

  4. It resonated deeply with me and what is happening in my life right now.

  5. The left is fine and right masculine