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KNEE pain: Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

Symbolically, they are considered as the door of acceptance, surrender and submission. 
They represent flexibility, pride, modesty and humility. 
Kneeling down is a manifestation of humility, subordination to the laws of life, while not wanting to bend the knees indicates a proud, inflexible attitude.
The knees represent our ability to assign, release or backward to achieve our goal.
Any symptoms in them, means I cannot be flexible, that hurt my self-esteem or I hurt my pride.
I'm living an emotional devaluation conflict about something that "I force myself to do" or "force me to do” It is a sample of my "submission". 
What I "weighs" to do. I feel I must compulsorily deliver results, and if I stop doing something defrauding others, I fault myself.
I complain and I can protest, demanding, I can even say or scream that no longer do more this or that, but I still do it.
Key conflict: "Submission” 
"I cannot do what I want" 
"I submit myself, I am forced to live on your knees, to kneel forever"
"I feel obliged to take care of my mother or father, I cannot make my life to take care of my parents"
"I refuse to leave home"
"I feel obliged to take care of my children even though they are older"
"I force myself to look after my grandchildren when they are not my responsibility"
"I am forced to visit my mother every weekend”
The knee hurts when I'm inflexible, when I reject an experience, a feeling, a memory or an idea, someone in my environment, colliding and disturbs my own beliefs and customs. 
I am a stupid, stubborn person and I prefer to bow down before the pain ideas or advice from others.
Devaluation conflict. Sport no longer can do.
"I appreciate very little sportingly, I fail to use my knees as it should".
Direction conflict. A direction I do not want to take and take, forced in a climate of impairment.
"I doubt, I am undecided whether to go right or left; What direction to take?
Conflict of indecision "I'm not going on the right track”
Synovial effusion: I create fluids to be more acceptable. 
When a synovial effusion exists, it means that I showed submissive and knelt before something or someone. "I agree to submit, but gently, slower ... please, a little more humanity”
Gonarthrosis or knee osteoarthritis: If I file osteoarthritis in the knee, is because I do not respect myself enough.
Submission. "Problems related to adolescence (where authority is concentrated)”
If it affects the joint capsule whose function is to protect ... "I have no protection"
Direction: Conflicts of choice (professional, sentimental, sexual, but at the level of emotions).
Right knee: "I wanted to leave, I wanted to go but I could not”
Left knee: "I have been but sorry I left”
Meniscus: Used to adapt and cushion.
"I will not submit to the law of the father”
Problems that occur frequently in adolescence, a time when it questioned the authority, which is above me and forcing me to obey.
"I cannot adapt to the orders coming over me" 
"I cannot soften"
"I refuse to give in, to kneel knee against someone stronger than me"
"A little more flexibility, please. "
Patella: The bone future. It refers to projects concerning the professional or affective. If I feel my kneecap pain or fracture, I can feel disappointment and irritation regarding my dreams that seem to be out of range or unworkable.
Tibial Plateaus: It symbolically represents justice.
"I can... or can’t ..”
When a knee falters, it is due to a too flexible and impressionable character.
When we hit or hurt us in the knee, it may reflect a sense of guilt, for our pride, wanting to be always right.
It must take into account the laterality:
Right knee in a right hand person: "I wanted to leave, I wanted to leave but I could not". 
Wish is contradicted. What do I have to do?
Left knee on a right hand person: "I left, but I'm sorry that I left". Counteracted action What do I force myself to do?"
In a left-handed person is invested in both cases. 
For a left-hander, the right knee gives us an information of counteraction and the left of annoyed desire.
People who have affected knees, "always" make forced by someone else or forced themselves things.
They are people who use many words: "I have to" and "I must”
And in addition to this, a justification "for others" (because deep down, they know they are doing wrong).
Do not do things out of love, do it out of obligation, and they are so arrogant, that first dead to "stop doing what others already know I always do”
"I have to make dinner because I've always done it"
"I have to accompany my mother to the doctor because she likes it so”
"I have to take my grandson to school because my daughter cannot, because the poor girl goes so early to work ..."
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Flexibility and humility to give in, to accept other points of view, other arguments, other customs. 
I do not have to be afraid of losing control if accept new ideas from others and if I would focus my future. 
I have to stop thinking that bow down to new ideas, it means kneel before anyone or anything or appear as submissive.
I must act with humility but always making it clear what I want and what I do not want to do.
I need to develop the ability to adapt to any situation.
I have to learn to kneel before existence before the creative energy.

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